event: Nissan Juke Press Launch

Behind the scenes at Pinewood Studios!


Nissan showed the car to the British motoring press at the Pinewood film studios which was apt given its star quality. If Juke was a film then it would definitely get my vote for an Oscar.

Steve Rogers - The Leader


UK Press launch for the Nissan Juke at Pinewood Studios.

Its large and flexible stage spaces lent themselves well for the production of an urban street scene that resembled the look and feel of a film shoot, dressed and themed to reflect the gritty and urban feel of the Juke, along with a presentation area in keeping with a film set shoot.


The event was held over the course of three days, allowing the Press to attend on a day and time that suited their schedule. Guests were transferred upon their arrival to the stage set by golf buggy; normally used by tv and film crew to navigate their way around the Pinewood site.

The event space made it possible to operate an excellent ride and drive facility for the Press to utilise at their leisure with routes created specifically to best demonstrate the key features of the products and provide excellent back drops for photo opportunities.

Product presentations took place at regular intervals throughout the day; enabling the Press to arrive and depart at their leisure. Catering took the form of a casual takeaway style catering, also used by actors onsite; in keeping with the street vendor props as part of the stage build.

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